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Tech Difficulty

2009-08-21 03:56:22 by terry292

Due to "unforseen circumstances" there will be no music, (for some "people" that means hoorah!) and minimal reviews, sorry for the inconvenience. :(

Soon enough it will be time...

2009-01-03 03:43:52 by terry292

I know now that I don't have many followers, soon enough though I will. I am writing new music and hopefully it will be up soon. For all those who do follow me, I will tell ya, I don't do remixes, I don't do techno (although I do want too, I just am not good at mixing and don't have the software or the cash to get it). I am strictly Acoustic or Classic Rock... although it may not sound like it that is what I try to do. Unless you have another genre you think it should be.


Bad ratings

2008-11-30 01:46:24 by terry292

Boy, I didn't expect this when I came to Newgrounds, I am getting some reallllly bad scores and reviews. I thought people would critique me on using home equipment but noooooooo... I have to have the greatest sound quality in the world to get a good score. Oh well, I will keep putting up music for those who like it. And what will I say to all who think I need professional equipment to sound good? SCREW OFF!

Now resting in pieces,

The newest songs.

2008-11-28 14:42:18 by terry292

I have a few new songs up! They are Stricken, An Odd Feeling, and My Train of Thought! Check them out and rate them accordingly! The picture below is for Stricken.

The newest songs.


2008-11-13 18:26:13 by terry292

ALRIGHT! My first Audio Portal submission will be up soon! (I hope) It's a real simple Acoustic song... look for it!