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Bad ratings

2008-11-30 01:46:24 by terry292

Boy, I didn't expect this when I came to Newgrounds, I am getting some reallllly bad scores and reviews. I thought people would critique me on using home equipment but noooooooo... I have to have the greatest sound quality in the world to get a good score. Oh well, I will keep putting up music for those who like it. And what will I say to all who think I need professional equipment to sound good? SCREW OFF!

Now resting in pieces,


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2008-11-30 01:56:59

Don't listen to people on Newgrounds. Some of the kids here just aren't nice. I just voted 5 on all your audio if that makes you happy. :)

Just keep making music, and some day you can get a better mic to record your music. That would be the best idea.

terry292 responds:

Thanks a lot, I have a new song, Continue the March. Go take a listen.


2008-11-30 21:34:34

Yeah man, just stick with it.

it doesn't matter what the people on here think.

it all depends on what you think.

terry292 responds:

Thanks Michael, if anyone slanders your music I will be there to back you up!


2008-12-04 20:38:55

Yeah some ppl give bad scores and they dont even have a reason.
As a composer I get pissed off but anyway dont even listen to them...the 99% of them doesnt even know how to make music.

Anyway Good luck with ur music and im going to give you score on your audio submissions :)

- Peace

Kaiser (DZ)

terry292 responds:

Thanks alot Kaiser, I need something to uplift my spirits after the bad reviews... am getting good scores though weird huh?